DIY Home Decor and Design Projects Using Recycled Materials

DIY home decor and design projects are an excellent way to save money while giving your house its own signature look. Plus, using recycled materials helps save both money and resources!

Use old tin cans to create an appealing kitchen organiser! Decorate them with lace, wasabi tape, colorful paper or fabric for an attractive finish.


Wood can provide endless DIY project possibilities, from upcycling items like old pallets or purchasing them at your local home-improvement store to crafting unique pieces of furniture and decor for your home using basic tools and skills. By making ladder-style shelves to display favorite family photos to creating modern command centers modeled on West Elm catalog designs for under $20 you can craft original projects that you will cherish!

Repurposed wood can also be a great source of art for your home, such as mosaics or intarsia wall pieces that are uniquely your own. Or create string art or pressed flower patchwork wall decorations. All these projects are quick and straightforward – perfect for beginner craftspeople wanting something special in their own homes!


Change up home decor without incurring major costs with DIY projects that won’t break the bank. From adding some color to your living room or updating your kitchen, there are numerous affordable DIY options that can help.

Make a simple wall art project by attaching yarn to a cardboard box frame, and use stencils to add tie-dye effects on plain fabric curtains using stencils for tie dyeing effects.

Making storage bins out of old cardboard boxes is another effective way to repurpose them and add something new and useful to any home decor. They’re easy to create, too – perfect for organizing anything from craft supplies to kids toys!

Simply transform a cardboard box into an exciting sand castle for children or a festive decoration for any party, while adding personality and fun decorations with some painterly flourishes (feathers or leaves are an easy way)! Or make it more decorative by painting an owl on it – add feathers for added detail or paint it with leaves shapes for more visual interest!


Mirrors are essential decorative items in any home, and they can be created from many materials. From using a pallet style frame for a unique aesthetic to rustic wood and rope details. Metallic spray paint also makes an impactful statement!

If you have many leftover egg cartons laying around, turn them into an eye-catching frame for your mirror with this easy DIY. Not only will this add an eye-catching element to your room but you can even decorate the frame with fresh plants or fake blooms for display purposes!

Make the mirror into an eye-catching tray for candles to add some flair and add elegance to a plain table! This can easily be accomplished using inexpensive materials.

Toilet paper rolls

Decorating your home yourself can be both fulfilling and cost-cutting; it may even save money over purchasing store-bought items. But before diving in, it’s essential that you find inspiration for your DIY project first – whether online or through publications about interior decoration; there are numerous ways you can craft beautiful, one-of-a-kind decor pieces.

Recycling or repurposing materials is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add decoration to your home, such as empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls for making decorative flowers or cutting into thin slices and stringing together as part of an impressive garland.

Create your very own cat with toilet paper rolls – an enjoyable DIY craft project suitable for children to complete! You’ll need several toilet paper rolls, yellow paper, black and orange pom-poms, googly eyes, white paint, ribbon, scissors and an assembly tool.

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