Kitchen Organization Hacks Clever Tips to Maximize Space and Efficiency

There’s no better feeling than a clean, organized kitchen. These affordable and simple hacks will help you turn your chaotic kitchen into a chef-ready zone in no time!

Get all those jars of olive oil and stale packets of oatmeal under control with a few simple kitchen organization tricks.

Drawers instead of cupboards

Drawers allow you to tailor their contents as you need. A cupboard can easily become a big, messy jumble of various items (think: Tupperware avalanche). Drawers are easier to manage and offer more flexibility for storage, such as adding dividers to store plates, cups, bowls, pots and lids in a single drawer.

Drawer inserts are also available to keep utensils, cooking tools and Keurig containers organized. This type of kitchen storage also takes up less floor space inside a cabinet than standard shelves.

You can even hang additional storage aids on the back of your cabinets like a magnetic knife rack, over-the-cabinet baskets or a pegboard backsplash for storing items like foil, plastic wrap and packet mixes. For example, you can use an old orphan file holder to hold your boxes of aluminum foil and cling wrap.

Label your jars

Clutter is inevitable in the kitchen, but a few clever kitchen organization hacks can help your space work in your favor. Start by assessing your needs and how you use your kitchen. You can divide it into different zones like storage (pantry and fridge), meal prep and cooking equipment, and serving pieces like dishes, glasses and cutlery. This helps you keep similar items together, and it also prevents you from rummaging through every cabinet when you need something specific.

Make it easy to spot the things you need by labeling jars and containers, or even your own DIY labeled spice rack. You can also try adding a lazy Susan turntable to your fridge to easily access jams and condiments. Products like these, along with shelving units, can maximize your vertical space in your fridge or pantry. You can also hang hooks on your walls for pots and other items that won’t fit in drawers or cupboards.

Use a rolling cart or island

Whether you’re looking for ways to make your kitchen more practical or simply want a fresh look, a rolling cart can be a great addition. Just be sure to survey your space before purchasing one and look for a model with plenty of drawers or cabinets if you plan to use it as a work station.

Corralling your appliances can be a challenge, especially if they have cords that run across the countertop (and are dangerous for kids). To keep devices like blenders and coffeemakers organized while still accessible, this professional organizer from Identite Collective suggests putting them behind cabinet doors or on tambor-style shelves.

A basic pegboard makes a cheap kitchen storage hack for items such as pots and pans, clunky utensils, and baking supplies. The customizable system can be moved out of the way when not in use and even wiped clean for a new look. For a more elegant option, consider a kitchen cart with a hidden cabinet for spices like this one from Foolproof Living.

Arrange your cabinets

When all of your tools and gadgets have a home, they won’t end up on the counter cluttering things up. This is especially important if you have children in the house. It’s also important to keep in mind that organizing is a continuous process, and you may need to change your system once you begin using it on a regular basis.

For example, if you find that some of your pans are badly burnt and no longer useful, reevaluate which ones you use on a regular basis and make a plan to get rid of the rest. Labeling your cabinets is a simple but effective way to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

You can also trick out your cupboards with easy-to-install racks that offer additional storage space. For example, repurpose an orphan file holder into a place to put your aluminum foil, parchment paper and plastic bags in a visually obvious yet easily accessible spot.

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