Modern and Contemporary Home Decor

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh new look, contemporary and modern home decor is an excellent option. This style is defined by clean lines, sparing yet intentional use of color, and mixing vintage and new pieces together.

Contemporary design is defined by curved chairs, bold lighting fixtures and striking artwork – these are just a few elements that define it.

Neutral Colors

Neutral color palettes may be seen as boring and uninspiring, but home decorators know that these timeless hues can actually add some pizzazz. A bold statement rug, modern mirrors or eye-catching wall art are just a few ways to take neutral-hued interiors to the next level!

Neutral colors such as beige, ivory, taupe, gray and white can appear without color but actually contain undertones which vary depending on the lighting in a space.

Warmer neutrals, such as sand and terracotta, are also popular. They create an air of comfort in a room, creating a relaxing, tranquil ambience.

Straight Lines

Straight lines form the basis of modern and contemporary design, framing space to define its shape and volume while creating a harmonious connection between interiors and their environment.

Long horizontal lines not only visually open up space, but they can also add a feeling of serenity in rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Vertical lines create the illusion of height in rooms and can be employed to draw attention to certain points within a space.

Contemporary and modern home designs emphasize clean lines, mixed with both natural and industrial material types. Both avoid heavy ornamentation or intricate details.

Curved Lines

Curved lines add a fluid, dynamic quality to modern and contemporary decor. They may also evoke natural movements such as climbing trees or winding rivers.

Curved furniture in open-plan kitchen and living areas can help maintain the room’s modern aesthetic. Plus, curved pieces may be more comfortable than straight-lined pieces.

You can use a curved wall to define space in an open-plan living area. For instance, install a window that frames your view from the front of your home or use a sculptural divider. Alternatively, try installing a rounded doorway.

Metallic Elements

Metallic elements, such as silver and gold, can add a luxurious touch to your home decor. Additionally, they may give off an urban industrial vibe.

Metals are all elements that form positive ions by losing electrons during chemical reactions. These substances typically possess low ionization energies and exhibit a lustrous, hard, dense, malleable, and ductile appearance.

Nonmetals, however, don’t possess the same properties as metals. They lack luster, don’t conduct electricity or heat as efficiently, and lack the durability of their metallic counterparts.

On many periodic tables, a bold black line distinguishes metals from nonmetals. Metals are to the left of this line (except hydrogen which is nonmetallic), and nonmetals to the right.

Lived-In Feel

Modern and Contemporary home decor often incorporate a lived-in aesthetic. You can achieve this look with just a few updates and decor ideas.

For instance, adding plants and flowers to your living room can help create a cozy atmosphere. Just be sure to select plants suitable for your environment as well as favorites that you enjoy.

Another way to create a warm, contemporary aesthetic is through fabrics and natural materials. Fabrics like cotton, wool, linen and silk are popular due to their neutral tones and textures.

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