What Causes Tile Grout Discoloration and How to Deal with It

Maintaining the cleanliness and the color of your tile grout is one of the most challenging tasks for household owners. One of the reasons for this is because of tile grout discoloration or staining. Discoloration happens when the color of the tile grout becomes blotchy, faded, or inconsistent with the old and original tile grout color. Meanwhile, staining happens when the tile grout absorbs another substance, absorbing its pigment too. These substances include oil, dish soap, wine, and other substances.

What causes tile grout to discolor or stain?

Before going to the culprits of tile grout stain or discoloration and how to deal with the problem, learn why this happens. Note that if you have cement-based grouts, these are highly prone to staining due to their porous quality. They need sealing to avoid or minimize staining. Since this is the most common, many experiences the issue of discoloration. And so, the usual culprits of this grout stain or discoloration are:

  1. Spills

Spills of any liquid can cause discoloration, especially if they sit there for any length of time. Regular grout cleaning cannot simply remove it because of the porous nature of grout. Unless the grout is sealed properly, expect that you will see stains after a while.

  • Improper cleaning

Ironically, tile and grout cleaning can lead to discoloration if done improperly. With the use of ammonia, bleach, acidic cleaners, or even dish soap, you can damage your tile grout. They can degrade the quality of your grout over time. The best cleaning solution is the one actually made for tile grout because this is a PH-neutral product. But if you DIY it with a brush with hard bristles or you brush too hard, it will again defeat the purpose of using the right cleaning solution.

  • Walking bare feet

Even walking bare feet across the tile floor can cause staining and discoloration. This is due to the sweat, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that come from the feet and are left on the surface.

  • Heavy traffic

Your tile grout is also at risk of stains and discoloration with heavy traffic. You’ll notice that these areas are more likely to be damaged easily that those in the corners without proper maintenance and grout cleaning Orlando.

How to Remedy Tile Grout Discoloration

The best solution you can do is to leave the tile and grout cleaning to professionals. They use the best grout cleaner and equipment, and they have the experience and skills in determining how intense the cleaning should be. So instead of spending so much time cleaning your tiles and grout improperly, you better choose the option that prolongs the life of your tiles and grout.

Another is to have an alternative to cement-based grouts. You can find epoxy grouts nowadays that offer better holding up and sealing. They are also cost-effective. Remember, however, that they still need proper cleaning, including the tiles. Still, you need the assistance of the experts to keep your tiles glossy and your grout free from germs and bacteria.

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