Stylish and Functional Kitchen Organization Ideas

Trendy and functional don’t need to be mutually exclusive in the kitchen! By employing some smart organizational solutions, your space can achieve both!

Container lids can become an eyesore quickly. A door rack from Worthing Court makes sure they remain within reach at all times.

Peg rails provide a stylish way to corral and organize kitchen utensils like spatulas or mixing bowls while freeing up counter space.

Rolling Cart or Island

Kitchen carts provide both storage and an extra flat surface in one package. Opt for one with shelves if extra storage space is all that’s required; or consider one equipped with drawers and cabinets for even greater options.

Food blogger Aysegul Sanford relies on her rolling cart to store spices so as to not clutter her countertops, while grouping similar items on one shelf helps ensure their freshness.

Creative Cabinet Arranging

Trying to organize overflowing cabinets may seem like an impossible task, but with some clever thinking it can go more quickly and efficiently.

Reorganize your pantry and refrigerator by placing like items together; for instance, stacking tin foil on one shelf and plastic bags on the next.

Studio Peake combined closed base cabinets and open shelving for an aesthetic that’s both stylish and practical. Sliding glass-front doors make it simple to leave open or close off as necessary.

Pegboard Backsplash

Pegboard, usually found in garages and workshops, makes an excellent kitchen backsplash idea. It can easily be painted to fit in with the room’s color scheme and accessorized with hooks, bins and shelving for convenient organization.

Keep the items you use most easily accessible; including tools, utensils and cookbooks on display for easy use. Incorporating decorative accents like vintage kettles or handmade cutting boards can add a stylish touch.

Storage Below the Sink

Professional organizers suggest keeping daily supplies accessible under the sink in an organized fashion. A caddy holds plastic food container lids while a message board stores sticky notes neatly while an elegant holder keeps decorative napkins stored neatly away.

Dividers will instantly double your storage space. A custom insert fits around sink pipes while still permitting flexible shelf adjustment.

Lazy Susan Bins

Make tight or deep cabinets easier to access with the help of a lazy Susan-style rotating storage organizer, perfect for tight spots like closets. Plus, these attractive pieces make great place-holders for odds and ends like plastic wrap and aluminum foil!

Drawer dividers help keep utensils organized and help encourage you to put them back after each use. This custom built-in drawer organizes steak knives and spices; Dearborn Studio utilizes containers, baskets and bins to organize food by type and purpose in their pantry.

Drawer Dividers

An organizer helps keep drawer contents under control, keeping their contents organized but untidy. For instance, dedicating one drawer exclusively for cutting utensils means they won’t get lost amid other kitchen supplies like pot lids or cookware lids.

By following a tutorial like the one provided on curbly, you can construct your own wood drawer dividers. Try dry fitting them first to ensure they fit exactly how they should.

Baskets in Lower Cabinets

Instead of filling your cabinets with stackable bins, try using woven baskets instead for organizing and easy access of items in your cabinets. Organizers like Thistlewood Farms use them to store everything from canned foods to coffee and tea canisters.

Consider devoting one or two cabinets exclusively to baking supplies, like this one from Bakes & Kropp, and stock it with cookie sheets, muffin tins, and more. Labeled containers make finding what you’re looking for easier.

Baking Cart

Kitchens can become disorganized quickly. From misplaced tools in drawers and disorganized shelves, an disorganized kitchen makes daily cooking and cleaning challenging.

Kitchen carts are incredibly flexible pieces of storage, adaptable for many different uses. Here, designer Amy Robertson utilized one to store her baking supplies as part of an organized prep area.

Peg Rail

A peg rail is an efficient solution for managing clutter on walls. First used by functional, minimalistic Shaker homes as a place to hang everything from brooms and chairs, today this solution remains an effective way to prevent small daily mess from overwhelming spaces.

Installing a peg board requires using a stud finder to locate and mark stud locations before pre-drilling holes for pegs and adding shelves if desired.

Open Shelves

Open shelves add visual interest to a kitchen while providing valuable storage solutions in smaller kitchens or unique spaces. Here, wooden shelves provide much-needed storage space that fits seamlessly with its neutral color scheme and complement this home.

Make your shelving more stylish and functional by grouping like items together on your upper shelves to form an integrated look, like this homeowner did by grouping colorful glassware together on the upper shelf.

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