Stylish Bathroom Updates on a Budget

Small changes can transform your bathroom, from adding fresh paint to updating fixtures. Even just making minor modifications can give it an updated look and are relatively cost-effective to implement.

Opting for louvered shutters allows light while providing privacy in the bathroom window area. They provide eco- and homeowner-friendly window treatment.

Subway Tile Accent Wall

Create contrast in any functional bathroom with an eye-catching accent wall. Choose between modern, rustic or traditional looks with various materials and hues available to create the look that best reflects you.

Engage with scale and shape by layering different types of subway tile together, like here with sapphire blue and porcelain encaustic tiles in a chevron mosaic pattern that’s sure to dazzle! Dark grout makes this statement-making look pop, creating an eye-catching visual impact sure to awe visitors!

Painted Shutters

To bring harmony between the exterior of your home and its bathroom interior, paint your shutters a pale wood shade. These hues complement many architectural styles as well as features like urns or porch furniture that complement them.

Jessica Nelson Design installed woven blinds that match the ornate bathtub nook of this primary bathroom while offering privacy and light filtration. A textured woven shade also serves to insulate when closed, providing further benefits to this space.

Replace the Countertop

Upgraded bathroom counters provide instantaneous facelift. Choose from quartz, marble, laminate or waterproofed wood surfaces for an attractive yet practical solution that’s simple to keep clean.

Upgraded faucets are another simple yet effective way to elevate the aesthetics and fixtures in a room. Avoid style trends in larger fixtures that may become difficult or impossible to replace later; go for classic designs like this transitional design instead.


Beadboard is an economical way to modernize a bathroom. Available today as 4′ x 8′ sheets that are easy to install and caulk, modern beadboard resembles its tongue-and-groove predecessor which was once commonly found everywhere from walls and ceilings to porches and eaves.

Hang it vertically for classic wainscoting or horizontally for a more modern style; here, beadboard stretches almost floor-to-ceiling in this traditional primary bath and sets an inviting ambience in this vintage space.

Vintage Tiled Floor

Every time they lift an old carpet in a historic house, anyone hoping to uncover original vintage floor tile hopes of finding their grail; unfortunately finding exact matches can be challenging and costly.

Opt for an inexpensive solution that achieves the same look with bathroom accessories such as caddies, soap dispensers and storage jars that coordinate – you’ll achieve an instant makeover for less!


Chandeliers add elegant lighting to any bathroom space, providing a luxurious ambience and reflecting your personal style preferences and color schemes within it. When shopping for decorative chandeliers for bathrooms, make sure they reflect both of these criteria!

Add a beautiful woven wall hanging and other textural elements for an eye-catching bathroom. A beach print accent wall brings out the blue in the bathtub area’s bathtub area; add clean towels in baskets, along with wooden boxes for toiletries, to complete this look.

Framed Art

An extensive bathroom makeover may not always be necessary in order to add a stylish new look; minor decor and DIY updates may suffice in giving the room an updated, contemporary aesthetic.

Framed art can quickly add an elegant touch to a bathroom, matching or providing contrast against other decor elements in its surroundings. Matting and frames can either harmonise or contrast.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains allow natural light to come through while offering privacy in small windows above sinks, closets and other features. For an ultra-modern aesthetic, choose simple tier curtains on sleek rods without frills or trim – these offer more light.

Choose fabrics and hardware that reflect your decor style, for instance if your bathroom evokes cottage-chic aesthetic consider incorporating floral-patterned linen that complements rustic accessories into the design scheme.

Tree in the Corner

If houseplants are difficult to keep alive, add an element of nature into your bathroom with a leaf-print towel rack or modern aubergine stool – this pair would create a gallery-like atmosphere, as seen here designed by Hecker Guthrie.

Add mood-boosting color with Valspar’s V500 Kitchen and Bath waterborne paint when painting loo roll holders or cabinet hardware to match the walls, and enhance their design aesthetic with added brightness.

One-Color Walls

Decorated items really shine in bathrooms designed by Arent & Pyke when walls blend into the background, like in this bathroom featuring striped hand towels and plush area rug that add luxurious touches without breaking the bank for new vanity units.

Painting crown molding and chair rails the same color helps eliminate guesswork and create a uniform look. Paint can also provide an inexpensive solution to refresh cabinetry – an ideal option in rooms open to guests.

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